How do we work

All have to do is call 91 559 00 61 and ask for an appointment at our office in Argüelles - Madrid.

During an hour we will examine together your history, your problems and strengths pointing out the importance of confidentiality and establishing a good working relationship based on trust. This will be the moment to address all your concerns, decide the frequency of the sessions (one or two weekly, most of the time) and explore the treatment expectations.

Sessions will be 50 minutes long and will be paid in full after each session. Setting up the objectives of treatment will also be done during the first two sessions. We will need to remember that Psychology is not an exact science and psychologists cannot do miracles.

The results will be based on the client and the work he/she will do. Behaviours that have been used for years do take time to change and require a lot of effort. Wanting to change is crucial to obtain good results and have a positive prognosis.

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